SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Having a baby is one of the most special and transformative moments in life. It comes with joy and a newfound love, but postpartum can also bring mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, and more. Potential birth trauma can result in lingering PTSD, and the new amount of responsibility you suddenly have.

Today we were joined by Lindsey Evangeline Garcia, Licensed Therapist and Life Coach, to talk solution-focused ideas, and ways moms can prepare for this new waves of emotion.

 Lindsey provided four solutions that can help prepare, and lower the amount of emotional damage that comes from giving birth.  

  1. Share your birth story in a safe place: A Huge part of the healing process is recognizing the trauma and sharing it. Sharing your emotions will help tons with the healing process and might bring some peace to other moms. 
  1. Embodiment and Psychosomatic Practices: These will help calm your body down and allow your body to step away from flight/fight/freeze methods. It will make you feel safe to be in your body again.  
  1. Cultivating community and “the village”: It takes vulnerability to allow people in and see us for us. For example, letting people in to come help clean your house or make you dinner. This will allow you to spend the proper about of bonding time with the new babe and get yourself some me time as well.  
  1. Change the narrative/mindset: Instead of “motherhood is hard” change it to “I feel overwhelmed, and I need support” It focuses on your emotions instead of making excuses to keep yourself down. It will also give you the mindset that allows you to ask for help.  

For more from Lindsey check out her website and social media. She also has a podcast called “Holistic Mentality” that will help you heal mentally and physically.