It’s that time of year for Spring Cleaning our homes, but what about Spring cleaning your life? Kelee Love, a Life Coach joined hour two of GTU to share ways one can get a fresh start to jump into Spring. 

Spring cleaning is symbolic of freshening up your home to prepare for the next season. When we think of spring clean, what comes to mind is decluttering and organizing. We can take this same principle of organizing and decluttering and apply it to our lives. 

Here are three ways to Spring Clean your life:

1- Clean up your relationships. We are a product of the top 5 people we hang out with. Think of the folks in your inner circle and ask yourself the question “is my relationship with this person in alignment with my values and goals?” If so, great! Make more time for those relationships! If not, it’s time to create some new relationships based on shared values and goals.

2- Declutter your calendar. Oftentimes we say yes to too many invitations that are not in alignment with our personal goals. We can easily fill up our calendars with to-do lists without actually taking the time to prioritize our own goals. Look at your calendar and start saying NO, or delegate what you don’t have time for, then start penciling in 1-2 hours a week for yourself to focus on taking actions that are in alignment with you meeting your personal goals.

3- Unsubscribe & unfollow. You have 100% control over what you choose to consume electronically. Emails and social media feeds can clutter our minds with negative messages. It’s okay to unsubscribe from pointless emails, TV channels, and magazines, that are not adding to your mental serenity. It’s also OK to unfollow people that whom you don’t resonate anymore. Choose to only allow positive, uplifting messages in your world.

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