SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)- Mother’s day for some is not all sunshine and rainbows. Beneath the surface, can often lie struggles and trauma. How we choose to feel our emotions and take care of our grief, can play an important role in the success of healing. 

Alexis Dopp from LefaCollective, joined us on the show to talk about a tangible and applicable plan for dealing with sadness and grief this Mother’s Day. For those with difficult relationships with their mothers, nonexistent relationships with mothers and passed mothers, Mother’s Day can be lonely. It is important to accept how you are feeling and know that it is okay to grieve. A great way to honor your feelings is through journaling. Alexis created the guided grief journal that helps the emotions to flow.

Some tips from Alexis are to first understand that there is no right way to grieve and that we are all on our own journeys/timelines. Make a plan this weekend to spend Mother’s Day with the people who support you or get involved in your community. Indulge in favorite pastimes of the people in your life that you have lost. The grief journal is a wonderful gift for the special person in your life or it’s the tool to add to your own healing journey. Find more information on her website and instagram.