How to save this local book store

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Owner of Rare Books, Ken Sanders, came by the studio today to discuss some of his favorite treasures and how the pandemic impacted his local business. While he’s been running his store for the past 25 years, he’s been interested in trading and finding rare books throughout his entire life.

A GoFundMe was created soon after the pandemic hit to help keep his store alive, and almost 3,000 people rallied behind him to donate. As of today, they’ve earned close to $160,000 and the page is still up so people can continue to donate at Save Ken Sanders Rare Books.

He brought a few of his favorite rare treasures with him, including some books he got at the age of 14! One being the The Raven, illustrated by Gustave Doré where he begged his grandfather to take him to a famous book store in Long Beach, CA.

Be sure to check out Rare Books at 268 S 200 E in Salt Lake City, where you can get 25 percent off throughout all of September.

You can find Sanders here on Facebook and Instagram!

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