How to rock prairie style clothing

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Reachel Bagley, fashion consultant, came by our studio today to discuss what prairie style is, and why it has become so popular.

When you think of prairie couture, remember that this western frontier parallels the Victoria time period. So for prairie style, take all those puffed sleeves, tiny pleats, and ruffles and fashion it from practical, inexpensive cottons. You’ll see plenty of smocked calicos, ruffled yokes on clip dot, and puffed sleeves on sun-bleached gingham.

The reason why prairie style has become popular recently is because we want to wear something pretty without being terribly uncomfortable. We’re not ready to cinch up a corset, but after months of elastic waist sweats, we wouldn’t mind a pretty top.

So how can we keep from appearing too sweet? Mix your delicate with your rough. Take your frilly top and pair it with some tailored denim. Or pair some chunky boots with a swingy prairie dress. Mix and match unexpected opposites.

For more tips from Bagley, visit her website.

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