How to respond when your child says ‘I hate you’

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  • On GTU Hour 2 this morning – Very few words can feel as deflating or upsetting as hearing “I hate you” from your own child. If this has happened to you, take heart. You’re not alone and know that even though your child said it, it doesn’t really mean they hate you. Instead, it often signals that they’re mad, sad, embarrassed, confused, or upset in some other way. They just don’t know how else to talk about those feelings. Your child saying they hate you doesn’t mean that you’re a bad parent—or that they’re a bad kid—either, says Andy Brimhall, PhD, LMFT, and professor of human development and family science at East Carolina University. Even the most loving, sweetest children sometimes say hurtful words like “I hate you” to their parents. To hear more advice from the experts, tune in with us or click here:
  • Plus, we have last minute gift ideas for you this morning – we all know someone who is constantly stressed out about something. If there’s a busy bee on your holiday shopping list or if you’re looking for something for yourself, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 45 stress-relieving gifts that will create more calm in your life. The gifts range from small items, like soothing lavender slippers, to high-tech eye massagers. Tune in for the list or click here:
  • And when buying gifts for your circle of friends has become more of a chore than a treat, it’s time to cut back. “Gift giving usually starts very organically,” says Jodi RR Smith, president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, but it often balloons as friends get married and have children, and then dwindles as you and your inner circle settle in different towns or states. Eventually, “it has been years since you saw them and the gift exchange by mail that was fabulous in your mid-twenties is starting to feel stale,” she says. And while it’s not rude to trim your list, it’s important to let your friends know in advance. “To give nothing at all, with no background conversation, is a sure way to minimize the relationship,” says Smith. Here’s how to broach the topic. Click here for more: Hope you tune in for these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on GTU Hour 2.

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