You’ve heard of taking a few deep breaths when you’re stressed, but how about moving your eyes along with it?

It’s called Rapid Eye Technology (RET), and Master Rapid Eye Technician Paula K. Bronte joined us to explain how it works.

“The eyes are intimately connected to the neuro network. Through movement of the eyes we access the neuro pathways to de-program or defrag the brain,” said Paula. She related it to deleting the codes of a computer program and creating new ones.

Paula shared that RET effectively and quickly changes how the brain deals with stress, anxiety and any pattern that is holding you back.

One RET tool that you can easily use at home is called Quick Release. To do this, hold your head still and find a spot on your right and left side. Move your eyes side to side, finding those spots and do this until they tire. You will begin to feel yourself getting calmer. Once your eyes feel tired, squeeze them tight and open them three times. Then take three deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

You can do the Quick Release in an moment of stress, if you feeling anxiety coming on or even in the midst of it.

Surae learned about RET prior to this segment when Paula joined her and GTU producer McCall on their podcast ‘Lucie + Gray.’ Since then, Surae has used the tools and even taught them to her kids who use them to fall asleep.

To learn more about RET and two other tools that can help ease your stress and anxiety, take a listen to the podcast (linked above) and visit

You can also email Paula at