How to recognize the signs of self-abandonment

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Self-abandonment is very common but might be hard to recognize if you’re experiencing it. Life coach, Kelee Love, is here teaching us the signs and how to overcome that feeling.

Love said people can go through phases of self-abandonment every day so it’s important to recognize when that happens. A few indications are if you’re constantly feeling exhausted, experiencing frustrating relationships, or if you’re resentful with yourself. Love said it’s important to check in with yourself and stop beating yourself up over every little thing.

Three other signs of self-abandonment she described are second-guessing our instincts, having that inner critic who just won’t be quiet, or not speaking up for ourselves. She emphasized that if you wouldn’t speak to your child, friend, or partner that way, don’t talk to yourself like that. Love describes that inner voice like the mean girl who won’t stop talking.

Love is hosting a free confidence challenge class starting Nov. 11 so be sure to check out her website and Instagram for more information!

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