How to properly cut a custom cake

Good Things Utah

Brette Hawks, owner and artist of Hobble Creek Cake, visited our set today to demonstrate how to cut properly cut a custom cake. People often try to cut cakes like a pie, but there is a simpler, cleaner and easier way to do it and get the most servings out!

She demonstrated this technique on her Turtle cake: Chocolate, salted caramel and pecans.

Hawks notes that taller cakes or tiered cakes will have structural supports like dowels, straws or plastic inserts. She advises us to remove these as we cut those more giant cakes.

Hawks offers classes that teach how to decorate and build your own cake! Every Class is a different design and flavor, often seasonal. Online classes are in the works for those who can’t make it in person.

Find Hobble Creek Cake online and on IG.

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