• On Good Things Utah this morning – Just before Thanksgiving Day we dive into how to improve your social skills at those holiday get togethers. Every feel like you have nothing to say? Here are a couple quick tips you can use:
    • Talk to people online.
      • The easiest way to meet people and get some semblance of discussion is to go online and chat people up. If it weren’t for the internet, I probably would have been too far gone to actually collect myself after the experience that was my school life.
        Assuming that you choose a halfway decent (not hateful or judgmental) forum, you will find people that you click with. These can become your friends, and you can talk to them all day long.
    • Talk to strangers.
      • I know this is not going to be popular advice, but you have to actually talk to people in real life in order to get social skills. The best way to do this, from my experience, is to join classes that have interesting subjects, go to bars, or go to nightclubs.
        These places often have singles and groups of people who are there just to socialize. This way, you can meet new people and actually get used to talking to them.
        One thing that really helped me was learning how to blend in with clothing. At the clubs and bars I go to, most people make a point of flaunting extreme fashion and hip-hop sneakers. I wear the same, and that makes people click with you very quickly compared to how they’d act if you wear something that’s not appropriate.
    • Once you start talking to strangers, make plans with them.
      • Be the one who first chooses to hang out with others! This is how you get friends who you can hang out with on a regular basis.
        Once you make plans, make a point of making it the best time possible and focus on your friend rather than yourself. This way, you’ll make sure that they want to chill again.
        That being said, sometimes plans fall through. Don’t get discouraged if this happens. However, if the people in question reject plans three times or more in a row, it’s safe to say that they probably don’t want to hang out with you.
        Don’t scold them or blow up at them; just let it go and prioritize someone else. Chances are that they will eventually come around.
    • Stop trying to mimic people who are already popular.
      • This was my biggest issue when I was in school. I saw that the cool kids liked things I hated or couldn’t afford, so I pretended to like what they liked, pretended to know inside jokes I didn’t, and even tried to talk in that weird Valley girl accent they had. At times, I even tried to one-up them, which only made things worse.
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