How to make your own stop motion movie!

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Kids bored during quarantine? Tech Life Coach Christopher Krause to the rescue with a fun stop motion projected guaranteed to entertain them for hours! If you’re not quite sure what stop motion is, think of the Lego movies, or Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s created by taking inanimate objects and moving them slightly one move at a time, taking a picture, putting them all together at the end to make the movie.

So how do we do it at home? Grab a camera, Christopher recommends a smart phone camera, and preferably one that is out of service. If it’s not in service, it won’t tie up your phone, and there aren’t any interruptions with texts, phone calls, or notifications.

You’ll need an app to make it all work, and blend it together at the end, one that works on both android and apple. Stop Motion Studio Pro is anywhere from $2 – $10 and give you a lot of features. Pick Pack is another good one, and it’s free. iMotion for IOS is another option. Grab a stand for your phone, a character for the movie and you’re all set!

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