“How to make powdered sugar” goes viral on TikTok and the funniest parenting quotes of the week

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  • On Good Things Utah today – First-time voters are getting their election info from TikTok – but is it reliable? Two TikTok accounts, the Republican Hype House and Democrat Hype House, have become major sources of political info for young people ahead of the election. Millions of young people will vote for the first time in the presidential election this November, creating a new set of concerns about the role of social media in influencing votes this year. And speaking of TikTok, one post about powdered sugar just got over 10 million views! So what was it all about? We’ll show you the mind blowing hack.
  • Trader Joes just came out with a new spice for fall and customers are going crazy for it. Reagan tells us about the yummy Everything but the Leftovers.
  • And finally, for all of you parents of toddlers out there, Surae says make sure you teach them now how to be helpful around the house or you’ll be stuck with teenagers that don’t pitch in. We’ll tell you what parenting experts recommend.
  • The second half of our show has gone to the dogs! We start with actress Kristin Bell’s emotional post about her dog passing away. Then share Jennifer Aniston’s new rescue puppy video, and end with unflattering pictures of man’s best friend. These will definitely make all of you pet lovers smile.

And in our GTU parenting moment on this Wednesday, we have the top parenting posts of the week on social media. Oh boy, it’s like these parents knew exactly what we were all thinking…

At the end of the show, it’s time to get creepy! There was a lot to be afraid of in The Shining, but the scary image that is forever seared in our brains is of the Grady sisters holding hands and eerily staring down a hallway. Now normally, two identical little girls in ruffly dresses, curls in their hair, and ribbons around their waits would be considered adorable, but in this case, it was insanely creepy. On the bright side, the real twins who played the sisters when they were little girls are not creepy at all! Meet Louise and Lisa Burns!

To read the entire article click here: https://www.today.com/popculture/see-what-spooky-twins-shining-look-today-2D12017576

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