Amber Packer demonstrated DIY Succulent Balls. 
Turn two simple coir hanging basket liners into an amazing, show-stopping live succulent ball. The materials you will need include:
  • 2 – coir hanging basket liners ($2 each)
  • Metal orb or two hanging baskets
  • Succulents- ten 4-packs and 5 larger individual plants
  • Moisture control potting soil
  • Floral Pins
  • Plant stand to set in or shepherds hook to hang from 
Also used:
  • Serrated knife, thread and needle. Plant stand, if desired.
  • Pack moisture control potting soil in two coir basket liners. Allow to settle and dry.
  • Add more potting soil, if needed.
  • Turn one basket liner upside down, on top of the other liner.
  • Sew along seam.
  • Flatten metal orb and open around coir basket liner ball.
  • Set coir basket liner ball inside two hanging baskets (one upside down and on top of the other) and wire two hanging baskets together.
  • Cut holes in coir ball using serrated knife and gently slide plant in hole.
  • Close hole using floral pins.
  • Use a plant stand or hang from shepherd hook as you add the plants so you don’t smash any plants.
  • She used about 45 succulents. She could have used more, to get a fuller ball right away, but that seems about right.
Amber bought 4-packs from Lowe’s while the larger individual plants were purchased at Walmart. You can find succulents anywhere. If you can’t find them in the outdoor plants, look inside at the indoor plants. Keep in mind, many succulents are not perennial, especially those with the indoor plants, and will not over-winter in our climate.
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