SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – People need connection at all ages, especially during adulthood. Ganel Lyn Condie, a motivational speaker, joined us to talk about the difficulties of making adult friendships, and how people can overcome these challenges. 

As a young kid, making friends on the playground or through arranged playdates is easy, but it can be difficult during adulthood. Many adults go through life changes that can affect their friend group, but it is important for our mental health that despite these obstacles you are still making these connections.

The first step into making connections with other adults is to start by making an effort and looking for a local community, whether that’s going out to local places and starting conversation or talking to those who participate in the same activities as you. By finding people near you who have something in common with you, making and keeping those friendships becomes much easier.

Ganel also recommends that you should be willing to try new things and use your social network. It is impossible to make friends without first putting yourself out there, and using these tips can help you find friends and connect with people in fun and engaging ways. It’s also important to reach out to past connections you hope to stay in contact with in the future, and this simple act can help you grow your social circle.

For more tips on making connections, you can go to Ganel’s website at, or you can follow her on Instagram at @ganellyn.