Wontons are little dumplings that can be filled with a variety of things. Thomas Cobb, from Tokyo Teriyaki, joined hour one of GTU to show viewers how to make cream cheese wontons at home! 

Cobb shared that you only need around 4 ingredients to start making wontons! Starting with cream cheese, wonton skin, white pepper, and sugar. Wontons can be paired with a side of sauce, or can be enjoyed on their own! 

Cobb starts by grabbing room-temperature cream cheese. Depending on how sweet you want the wontons, Cobb gradually mixes either sugar or white pepper into the cream cheese.   

After completing the interior filling, it’s time to create the wonton. By placing a scoop of cream cheese into the wonton paper, Cobb folds the wonton paper into the center. This creates a diamond shape as the cream cheese acts as the glue. 

Cobb then takes the wontons and fry them in oil, or he will set the wontons in the freezer before frying. Making wontons is a fun activity viewers can do with family and friends! 

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