(Good Things Utah) Spring is the time for celebration. And while spending time with family, there are plenty of ways we can enjoy an activity together. Sharing her directions for making leis fit for a king (or even your graduate) — Stacey Abbott with Basket Hub joined the ladies on Good Things Utah this morning.

What’s the key ingredient to these creative leis made by Stacey? Dollar bills. Using only (crisp) dollar bills, she showed us the easiest ways to fold those bills to make leis. These cute handmade gifts are a great idea for any event including weddings, graduations, baby showers, birthdays, and much more.

“I’ve done it for about four years now,” says Stacey Abbott. “I’ve had people that have graduated from high school and now their parents are ordering them again when they graduate from college — it’s kind of fun that people come back.”

For more inspiration, find more gift ideas online at BasketHub.com. You can also follow along with Stacey on social media: @baskethubgifts.