How to keep your hair healthy in Utah’s climate

Good Things Utah

Since winter is around the corner, you might be noticing some changes in your hair. Hair-stylist and owner of Cultivate Salon, Amie Adams stopped by the studio today to share the best hair products for winter.

She emphasized that switching from air conditioning to heat dries your hair out and one way to notice that is if your skin starts to feel dry. It can indicate that your hair needs a little something more to keep it hydrated.

A few of the products she recommends are clarifying shampoos, deep conditioning masks (which should be used only once a week), and a heat protectant before styling your hair.

She’s offering a giveaway right now where you can receive 10 percent off featured products or a product gift basket worth $150. Be sure to visit Cultivate Salon at 807 E Ft. Union Blvd. in Midvale and check out her Instagram!

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