How to keep your carpets clean when you have messy kids

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Carpets take a beating over the holidays with people and pets tracking in mud, grease, salt, and much more. Specifically if you have kids, the abuse and neglect your carpets receive can leave them looking and feeling really dirty. Carpet is a big investment, but luckily there is a way to make your carpet feel good as new without buying it brand new. 

Zerorez discovered a revolutionary way to clean carpet without using soap. Instead, they use powered Water. Powered Water goes through a treatment process where it is softened, electrolyzed and oxidated so it acts as a attractant, similar to a soap in breaking down oils and dirt. The best part is, there is actually no soap, it is still just water!

After it cleans and dries there is zero residue left in the carpet. This is healthier for the environment, healthier for your carpet, healthier for the people in your home, and healthier for your wallet. 

This January, Zerorez is offering GTU viewers who book a cleaning can get three rooms cleaned for only $89.95 if you mention ‘Good Things Utah.’

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