How do we introduce our children to live theatre and cultivate an appreciation for the performing arts? We called in our friend Joshua Black, theatre lover and arts marketer to tell us!

Joshua says his life was forever changed when he was just seven years old when his parents took him to a community production of, “The King and I”. It turned into a lifelong love of the performing arts and even led to him getting a graduate degree in arts administration and working in marketing for professional theatre companies. 

There are so many benefits to exposing your children to the performing arts teach, such as teaching them critical thinking and empathy skills. We’re lucky to live in a state where the arts are so valued and accessible! 

Start by communicating with your child about theatre. What it is and how collaborative it is. Discuss the costumes, sets, lighting, dance, singing, acting, and of course the story itself. 

Lots of theatre is based on well-known movies and tv shows. Spongebob Squarepants, Shrek, Lion King, Frozen, and so many more that your kids are already familair with.

Gauge what kinds of content your child might be most interested in. Musicals are often a good place to start, but if that doesn’t pique their interest, try a straight play. Also, some kids might be into Frozen and others might be into Hamilton. Experiment to see what works!

Many productions have been professionally filmed and are available to stream. This is a great way to start to showcase the difference in storytelling between a classic movie and a stage adaptation. 

Then, because nothing replaces the feeling of live theatre, check out some age appropriate performances within your price point. You can take your kids to a professional theatre production at Pioneer Theatre Company with, “A Christmas Story” this holiday season, or Salt Lake Acting Company’s, “A Year with Frog and Toad”. See a touring show like, “The Lion King”, and don’t forget to support your local jr. high or high school productions!