SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – It’s time to pick up your self esteem and know your worth! Rob Sirstins, an empowerment coach and motivational speaker, joined us to talk about the importance of identifying your self worth and how you can develop it.

When we are young, we aren’t taught how to find self love and self worth, and the culture we live in focuses on teaching us how to serve others. Because of this, people often fall into this trap of trying to please others and seeking external validation, which can create unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Much of the time, people attach their self worth to their social circles and relationships because we want to belong, creating an unstable self worth. This becomes detrimental if a situation arises where we are not receiving love from these relationships, because instead of placing the blame on them, we immediately blame ourselves and question our value.

To combat this, Rob says that people need to find the truth of their worth. In order to do this, you have to find what stories and ideas you attach yourself to. If you attach yourself to negative ideas and untrue ideas of yourself, your self worth will reflect this and won’t be strong.

Coaching is beneficial to building your self worth because these coaches help point out blind spots in how you perceive yourself, helping you process hardships you have experienced. After having a rough childhood and becoming a coach himself, Rob comes from an empathetic place when helping his clients, and shows them how to reframe their value just as he did. 

You can find more information and work with Rob’s coaching by going to his website at to sign up! You can also find more of his messages and join his community on Instagram at @robsirstins