SALT LAKE, UT – Making friends can be hard especially for teens. We had a life coach for teens, Abbi Winslow, come in to help parents help their teens make new friends. There is so much pressure on teens to be popular with their current friends or they need to make new friends but find it can be hard. Some advice you can give to your teens is that they do not need to stick with the friends they already have. It is ok to branch out and meet new people. One tool you can teach your teens when it comes to making friends is to: Assume you are already friends. This tip is all about a mindset change on how to approach people. If we interact with people assuming they already like us 99% of the time they really do want to be friends and sometimes they need a friend. People will react well to this tip because humans naturally want to be loved and it is so refreshing and welcoming to have someone assume we are already friends.  

For more information and other tips to help your teens check out their social media and website. She also has a book called “The Ultimate High School Guide” which is focused on helping teens love their high school experience and teaches teens a new life-changing skill with every new chapter. 


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