How to help your kids avoid the ‘summer slide’

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It’s the same old song and dance we’ve seen time and time again. School is out for summer and the kids are ready to play! Rose Romero, Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Center, joined us to share how your kids can avoid the summer learning slide.  

It’s important that kids don’t forget the fundamentals they learned in the previous school year, those new skills will help to set them up for the year ahead. Romero explained that children can have 1/3 of learning loss over the summer but the new school year won’t seem as demanding if that 1/3 is retained. 

Sylvan offers learning assessments where they can sit with your child and see where the deficits are. First they will target the areas your child needs help with most and then go on from there. Sylvan is offering a special of a $45 skills assessment! Call 1-800-EDUCATE to take advantage of this offer and visit for more information.

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