How to have the ‘Talk’ with your children

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It’s a conversation many parents anticipate, and many children try to avoid. The birds and the bees, *the talk, call it what you will, the topic is how to talk to your kids about sex.

Authors Richard and Linda Eyre, wrote the book, “How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex” with the mission in mind to help parents navigate that conversation.

“Having the talk is a breakthrough for that parent and child relationship,” said Richard Eyre. This opens a lot of doors to many conversations to have with your children.

They suggest that having the talk around the time your turns eight. “One of the best ways to have the talk is to tell your child that you are taking them out to dinner as a couple and talk about the most amazing thing in the world,” said Linda Eyre.

If you are a single parent, they suggest bringing a grandparent or other trusted adult to have the conversation. “It’s more than one big talk, it opens it up to talking about substance abuse and violence too,” Richard adds.

When having this talk with your child and they aren’t engaging in the conversation, wait a month or two to bring it up again.

Parents can go to their website and follow their steps to successfully having the sex talk with their children by reading the dialogue.

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