Do you have thin or light eyebrows? If that answer is “yes,” you may know all too well the extra step in your makeup routine to color and fill them in. However, 3D Brows could be the simple answer to getting the full and flawless brows you want, without the daily hassle. 
Patty Willardsen, Master Aesthetician and owner of 3D Brows, explained how it works. She says that by microblading thin, hair-like strokes in the sparse areas of the brow, it allows a full, rich brow to be developed. The blade holds the color pigment, which enters the derma layer of the skin. The brow now has a new depth and beauty lasting 1-2 years.
But What About Tattooing?
According to Patty, traditional tattooing starts to look like a powder brow as it fades into a dull, grey color. Shadowing in a full area dot by dot with permanent ink (traditional brow tattoo) is primitive and looks unnatural.
Patty says her clients love the natural look to 3D Brows and how they eliminate the need for brow touch up in their morning routines. Getting full, thick, beautiful eyebrows could be just one click or call away!
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