How to get rid of hip pain

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Dr. Khan from Wasatch Pain Solutions joined GTU to give people experiencing hip pain an alternative to surgery. He says Regenexx can help heal your hip pain without surgery. Wasatch Pain Solutions believes in helping people get better through intervention and a procedure called Regenexx, which is the world’s most advanced stem cell and blood platelet procedure.
Dr. Khan is the only Regenexx provider in Utah and treats common injuries, hip arthritis, labrum tears, osteonecrosis, hip bursitis, and other degenerative hip conditions.
“Just over ¼ of patients still have pain three to four years after surgery. Most younger, and active patients will eventually need another replacement done. You are 26 more times likely to have a heart attack during the following two weeks after the surgery. On average you will end up paying 40,000 dollars in out of pocket costs,” he explained. 
Contact Dr. Khan at or give them a call 801-302-2690 to see what the most advanced stem cell and blood platelet treatment options could mean for you.
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