How to get out of your comfort zone

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Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but Sarah Clark, of The Dainty Pear, is here to help make it easier. Clark emphasized how hard it is to get out of your comfort zone but that’s where you can find joy.

She said pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and finding new ways to stretch and grow will bring you more joy. Although, getting to that point requires action so she has tips to help people get there.

Her first piece of advice is to make the call to get your mental health right which means getting professional help. She reminds us that there is nothing you can say that a therapist hasn’t heard before. Clark also says it’s important to strengthen your relationships with a higher power with whatever you connect or believe in.

For more advice on how to face your fears be sure to watch the video above and visit her website, youtube, and Instagram. She even faced her own fears recently by writing a cookbook titled, Grounded!

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