How To Get Involved In A Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

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“I think one of the most beautiful things we can do as humans in this world is to spread love and compassion and by doing small, simple and thoughtful random acts of kindness; it’s an easy and effective way to do that,” shared Melody Jensen of Momscast.
A few years ago she organized a women’s event where all came together and created small tokens/gifts of love/handmade cards and were challenged to do a Random Act of Kindness each day for 14 days. Today on GTU she shared details on how viewers can make February (or any month) a Kindess Challange tradition 
Here are some of Melody’s kind act ideas to do anonymously or personally:
  • Either buy bracelets or make them yourself with a few supplies from the craft store. Attach a note; something like ‘A reminder that YOU add sparkle/color to this world!’ or ‘Homemade with Love for you because you’re amazing!’ and maybe leave on a person’s doorknob, hang from their rear-view mirror or tuck under their pillow.
  • Buy an extra large reusable shopping bag from TJ Maxx or another store. Neatly fold it up and tie with cute ribbon and maybe attach a note that says ‘A huge bag for someone with an even HUGER heart!’ It’s perfect to leave on someone’s dashboard or their doorstep.
  • Simply send a handwritten note through snail mail or a heartfelt out of the blue text.
  • ‘Heart attack’ someone’s door (kids love this) or even their entire office.
  • Leave a love note garland across their door or kitchen window.
  • Complete an Act of Service: make someone’s bed, clean their bathroom and leave a note on their mirror, organize their desk and leave a treat bag, hijack your significant other’s car while they’re at work or an appointment and run it through a car wash and leave a treat on their seat or a note on their steering wheel.
  • Call someone you care about but don’t get to talk to much and ask them how they are and to share some of their favorite memories with you. Express your love and admiration for them.
  • Buy a bouquet of beautiful roses and then separate them into single roses to pass them out to co workers, residents of a nursing home or friends.
Melody syas you don’t have to spend money or have it take much time to show someone they’re special to you.
Small Random Acts of Kindness can leave a lasting effect. 
“I recently posted a picture and post on instagram expressing how I was excited for Spring. The next day a friend brought over a bouquet of flowers and a little box of ‘sunshine’ filled with yellow candy and when she brought it, she said, ‘I wanted to bring you some Spring’ and I’m still smiling and happy when I think about it,” she said.
The challenge part depends on you! Melody syas to pick a number of days and try to do either one RAofK each day or as many as you can in that many days and feel your own heart swell by helping to spread more love and cheer in the world.
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