The dating world can be a tough thing to navigate at any age, especially after you have been out of the field for so long. We spoke with radio show host, Chantel Lauren, about her experience dating after divorce and tips to revive your love life. 

After her diviorce, Lauren’s co-worker suggested the challenge of going on twenty dates in twenty days. She accepted the challenge and partnered with Mutual and went on twenty dates with fifteen different guys. Lauren enjoyed her experience and says that she would definitely do it again, “I met so many different people, experienced things I otherwise wouldn’t have.” Although none of those dates turned into a long term relationship, she made a lot of great friends. Lauren acknowledges it can be getting back into dating after a separation and not knowing where to begin. One of her tips is to jump in and try many different options in order to determine what direction you want to go with their dating life. Dating later in life is a different experience than when you are younger. You may have kids or a career, but Lauren makes a point to make sure you are having fun with it. We are all learning and don’t take it so seriously, give someone a chance who you may believe is not your type. Her next tip is to not focus on finding a spouse or a relationship. If you get too caught up in a potential future, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself and the person you are going out with. Another tip is to take your time and enjoy the experience of the unexpected. Lauren’s last tip is to remain positive. There will be some dates that may get you down, but just move past it and keep going because you never know what the next date will hold. Another important thing to remember is to not allow trauma from past relationships to affect your future relationships. 

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