With all that is going on in the world it is not surprising that many have lost touch with themselves and get distracted by their environment. With social media and the internet being so prevalent, everyone has become obsessed with portraying a certain version of them that they believe will be approved by others. We spoke with Shantel Reitz, alignment coach and international speaker, about how to stay true to who you are.

Regardless of who you are, there are versions of yourself that manifest in certain situations. Reitz states, “there’s always a version of us that we’re willing to show to the public and there’s always parts of ourselves, regardless of how much work we’ve done, to keep hidden.” The older we get, and the more experience we have with this phenomenon, we slightly alter our personality in order to protect your true self. We learn this fear through society, conditioning, and our families and it impacts the choices we make as individuals. As an infant, community is needed to survive. We adapt to the idea of needing to belong and Reitz believes that this is where the feeling of needing to be liked by everyone is derived. Reitz states that a lot of the time this behavior is unconscious and you need to understand how our mind stores information. The first step that Reitz takes with clients is to start with an awareness process. Writing down your thoughts and analyzing your personal beliefs allows you to identify the areas that you want to change. Reitz says “if we aren’t aware of something we can’t change it.” Through her experience, she has noticed that people seem to struggle with feeling like they are enough. She receives the questions “How do I know who I am?” and “What if people don’t like who I am?” Reitz says that this is something that everyone struggles with and goes back to the instinct of needing community. Once you understand that everything is stored as information or energy in our bodies, then you can learn how to manipulate that to benefit you.  

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