SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Inner bliss is the same as inner joy, it could mean wholeness or fullness or a connection to self. This is what author and life coach Sarah Vie says about inner bliss. She wrote a book called “I wish I’d known” which is a guide, inspired by her healing journey, to find inner bliss within yourself. Inner bliss is a long and hard process, but she has 3 steps that you can do today.  

  1. Get in a quiet place and give yourself time to think so you can determine between the toxic thoughts and the healthy ones 
  1. Make a good relationship with your body so you can understand when your body is uncomfortable 
  1. Do the thing you truly enjoy with your life and write them down so you can do one a day 

If you do these every day, then you will get closer and closer to inner bliss every day. 

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