How to correctly solve the math equation that stumped the internet

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Have you seen the math equation that is stumping people across the internet? People are confused as to why you can get two different answers from 8/2(2+2).

Our hosts tried solving the equation. Reagan and Surae got 16 as the answer and Nicea and Brian got 1. So which is right?

Sixth grade math teacher from Settlement Canyon Elementary school in Tooele, Heather Herrmann, wrote in to us to set the record straight. She joined us to walk us through the equation.

The main takeaway is that you do brackets and parentheses first, then exponents. Next, it doesn’t matter if you do the PEMDAS or BIDMAS method, as long as you solve all multiplication and division from left to right.

Watch to see how she gets the answer 16 and the tips she has for parents as that back to school date approaches.

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