• On Good Things Utah this morning – Clinical social worker and therapist Tanisha Shedden is back on the show today to talk about changing your mindset when it comes to the holidays. So many people struggle this time of year with feeling overwhelmed and a pressure to be joyful. Shedden says reset your mind to a positive place. Figure out what you like about the holidays, instead of focusing on giving, focus on what you truly enjoy.
    • You can also creating your own joy when the holidays remind you of grief or past pain, honoring your past by creating a new present.
    • Also, bring in a better new year: Think about what you can do to improve your mental health right now. Don’t wait for the new year.
    • Finally, Shedden says, don’t forget the importance of hope and optimism in challenging seasons, what research says about it, and how you can find it. (Research: Gallagher & Lopez, 2009)
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