• The holidays can be so challenging when celebrating after losing a loved one. The Spiritual Teacher, Lavonne Wells Sandberg shares how you can gracefully navigate this time of year. She says the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our loved one’s passed, is to honor their memories and make them a part of the holidays festivities. Here’s how to start:
    • Breathe. This sounds the most simple but it is the most important. It’s crucial to regulate your breathing to help yourself feel calm.
    • Create new traditions that include loved ones passed. There is no reason your new traditions can’t include those who have gone before. What would they love you to continue? What reminds you of them?
    • Set a place at the table. Lavonne says put a sweater or a jacket at an empty chair around the table. Put a framed picture of the person on the table.
    • Speak their names and have everyone share stories about them. This is something the whole family can be part of. Have everyone share their favorite memory of that special someone.
    • Finally, be gentle with yourself. This isn’t an easy time of year to deal with loss. For more information contact Lavonne Wells Sandberg:
      Website: www.lavonnewells.com
      Facebook: @thespiritualteacher Instagram: @thespiritualteacher