How to build supportive relationships for your own well-being

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When we think of mindfulness we don’t necessarily think about our personal relationships. However, it is our relationships that contribute to our overall well-being. Having supportive relationships with our family, friends, and community is critical to our overall wellness. Kelee Love, Life Coach, visited our studio today to teach us how to build those supportive relationships we all need!

To build relationships, we need to be mindful of how much time and energy we are putting into creating and strengthening our support system, just as we would be mindful of eating right, exercise, mindfulness such as meditation, etc. When we strengthen our relationships, our entire well-being improves. 

Here are some tips to build supportive relationships: 

– Prioritize building and strengthening relationships. This should be as much of a priority as other aspects of your health. 

– Schedule activities and family or friend dates weekly, or at a minimum bi-weekly. 

– Attend local events (even zoom events), community classes, gyms, recreational centers or other places that you have interests in so that you can start to build community. 

– Make an effort to put yourself out there, even if it feels scary to be vulnerable. Start with connecting with others through shared activities. Remember that most of us are scared to be vulnerable, so we are all in this together! 

– Audit your current relationships. Do they feel mutually supportive? Do you both feel seen and heard? Be willing to let go of the relationships that aren’t good for your well-being to make time for relationships that are life-giving. 

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