How to build resilience in teens

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How can we better draw the line Jessie Funk, therapist and executive director of non-profit Ivy Ranch, joined us on the show today to teach us how to build resilience in teens. Her message helped us understand the importance of putting empathy on us and responsibility on our children.

We have made incredible progress when it comes to mental health. However, Funk warns us of the dangers of being too sympathetic. At times, we can verge far away from empathy and we end up coddling our teens too much. We want to learn the line between the two.

She describes how we can build empathy by frontloading. Frontloading is being proactive in informing beforehand in informing. As a parent, we frontload by explaining that if our child makes a certain choice, there will be a specific consequence afterward.

Funk also describes the importance of using the word “and” rather than “but” with our children.

Find more great tips from Funk on IG, TikTok, or on her website.

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