You’ve hear of Coolscultping, but what about EMSculpting. It’s actually builds the muscle, as opposed to Coolsculpting which breaks down fat. This is an ideal treatment for those who work out, but might not see definition is certain difficult areas.

There are some restrictions to those who can receive the procedure. Areas of the body where there are mental implants are neat the heart are not treatable. It also cannot be used on the neck. Coolsculpting would be more ideal for the neck.

The great things about EMSculpt is that it also causes apoptosis or “cell death”, like the effects of Coolsculpting, resulting in removal of fat cells as well.

The difference in recovery for EMSculpt is there is no need for the
“after message”. It doesn’t require ironing out the after affects of Coolsculpting.

With every procedures it consists of four cycles. In order to schedule procedure, everyone has to complete a consultation. Each person has to make sure they are a candidate for safe treatment.

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