How to Better Connect With Your Genealogical Heritage

Good Things Utah, one of the largest genealogical companies in the world, is known for their wealth of records, enabling users to connect their family trees and rediscover their heritage. Based out of Salt Lake City, AncestryProGenealogists is the research arm of, staffing more than 120 professional genealogists, offering ways of going beyond official records to provide more personal ways of memorializing and connecting with your past.

What are some of the services AncestryProGenealogists offers to consumers, and what can anyone do to better record theirs and their family’s history?

Narrative Projects

Combined in a professionally bound and designed book, an AncestryProGenealogists’ Narrative Project combined research documents, like census records, draft cards, wills, and other records to write the story of a family. Historical context is added to help readers understand what was happening in the time and place of their ancestors. Their graphic designers include family photos, maps and quotes to make an engaging historical experience.

If there’s one message, it’s think about the people in your life–your family–who are getting older, it’s so important to capture the memories and the stories that they have in their own voices. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, ‘I wish I could hear their voice again’.

Erika Manternach, Senior Writer, AncestryProGenealogists

Oral History

One of the things they do, in addition to writing family history in books, are oral history interviewing, asking question that require explanation—not just yes or no answers–an asking sensory questions to dig into the feelings behind the facts, memories and stories.

Heritage Travel

AncestryProGenealogists offers travel services that will take people to their ancestral homelands–even the town or the very home where the family lived in. After returning, they can compile family history books, pulling family quotes into the story.

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