How to become more resilient

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Kaili Spear, host of the Define Podcast sat down with Nicea today to share her story and give tips on how to become resilient. She defines resilience as “the ability to get back up after you’ve been thrown down,” meaning you have to bounce back up.

She mentioned that you have to be resilient to handle stress in a positive way and even shared a personal story on when she was pregnant in 2016. Spear was still in college, going through a divorce, had a son who was almost two and ended up giving birth to her daughter four and a half weeks early. She had to go through the NICU experience and take midterms two days later, which even though was overwhelming, it was the moment she realized she had no choice and she couldn’t give up.

To be more resilient, she emphasized how important it is to have four specific traits. You have to be compassionate, have self-awareness, have a strong social circle, and have a victor mentality, meaning you know you’ll crush any problems thrown your way.

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