Grandparenting experts Richard and Linda Eyre joined us in the studio today and gave us their top tips and tricks for grandparents. 

First having joined us 20 years ago on Good Things Utah as parenting experts, the Eyres are now coming back to give us their top grandparenting tips after a range of experiences with their 34 grandchildren.  

Their first tip was to not overbear parents’ parenting and to find the in-between. They then recommended getting to know grandchildren well and developing a one-on-one relationship with them. Often, they said, grandchildren are lumped into a collective and personal relationships are not very well developed. Grandparents can solve this by utilizing FaceTime calls and going out and doing activities with grandchildren. They also said to spend time with grandchildren separate from each other, so grandma gets to spend a day with the grandkid and then next time it is grandpa’s time. During this quality time, Richard Eyre recommended taking notes on what grandkid’s like so that you can relate back to their interests later. Richard and Linda Eyre also recommended connecting with grandkids on the best messaging platform for them, whether that’s text or a social media platform.  

The Eyres are offering a six-month Grandparenting 101 Zoom course starting this September where they teach proactive grandparenting. For viewers interested in this course or Eyre’s two books on grandparenting, you can find more information on their websites and