PROVO, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Do you think you’re funny? When friends and family members crack up at your jokes, maybe you think you could be a comedian. Tanner Rahlf and Cheyenne Jackson, comedians from Happy Valley Comedy joined us in the studio to share what it takes to make it on a local stage.

The duo, dressed in handmade coats made by Tanner himself, say the biggest key to being a funny person is timing. Cheyenne also mentioned that being able to use different accents and draw the audience in with animated facial expressions is a great star. One piece of advice for aspiring comedians is to embrace the sad moments in their life and turn them into something funny and light. This is what makes a comedic story relatable.

While you may think that the funny guy has all the confidence in the world, the two shared the reality of when the audience doesn’t find their jokes funny. The best way to recover in moments like this is to acknowledge the awkward joke and a lot of times the audience will respond.

The two Happy Valley Comedians will be featured in an Open Mic happening on Oct 29th in Provo.

Instagram: @happyvalleycomedy