How to Back Up Your Computer Using External Hard Drives

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Physically backing your computer up on an external hard drive is more important than backing it up to the cloud.
If your computer’s hard drive crashes or if your computer gets lost or stolen and you do not have it backed up to an external device, you will lose all of your information permanently. The solution to ensure that in any scenario you have your documents, photos and important information safe, Christopher recommends to purchase at least two external hard drives to back up your computer.
How Often Should You Back Your Computer Up?:
Every time you save a file that is really important on your computer, you should always back up that information. You can create a schedule of backing your computer up weekly or monthly.
Where Should I Store My External Hard Drive?:
The best recommendation is to store your hard drive in a safe that is fireproof, waterproof, earthquake proof, etc.
Note: Having your hard drive always connected to your computer is not such a good thing, because if anything happens to your computer, your hard drive is going down with it. After you are doing using it, be sure to store it in a safe, or a safe place of your choice. 
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