Intimacy education is an important topic in a relationship that can be hard to talk about. Stacy Goulding, Licensed Health Educator & Owner/Creator of True Intimacy, shares how her course can help couples develop a better knowledge around true intimacy. 

In Utah, sexuality education is often taught from a moral/religious perspective. Many couples start their intimate relationship with limited knowledge which creates a lot of frustration in the bedroom. Gouldings’ class bridges the gap between religious beliefs and research-based, practical information. It’s designed for engaged or newlywed couples who didn’t received a comprehensive sexual education.

Sexuality is a skill and has to be taught. Gouldings has worked with personal accounts of traumatic wedding night experiences and couple’s who struggle with intimacy years into a marriage. Oftentimes it’s the female that is left feeling broken, unfulfilled, or alone. Her needs are not met, but she doesn’t know who to talk to about it. 

 Gouldings class starts the dialogue about topics like 

  • How to transition from limited sexual experiences into a thriving sexual relationship 
  •  Anatomy 
  •  Sexual response cycles 
  •  Communication & Consent 
  • Basic how-tos and practical tips 

Couples can stream my class from the privacy of their home. They can watch it together and have critical preparatory conversations. Get 15% off Gouldings class using the promo code “4THELOVE”

Gift certificates are available and make a great bridal shower or wedding gift! 


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