Marah Conner and Micah Connor are with Rocky Utah RV Tribe and are here to inspire other families to chase their dreams even if those dreams seem unrealistic.  

The Connors are trading in their standing home to one on wheels and are currently in the process of selling their belongings to fulfill their dream of being outdoors and having a change of environment.

Given the pandemic, the family thought it was the perfect time to start their adventure now that they can work from home and have more freedom. The Connor family looks forward to being in close quarters as it allows them to build their family bond and simplify their lifestyle. 

In terms of work and school, Micah and Marah both work from home as Micah is a Network engineer and Marah is a partner manager for an e-commerce company which allows them to work on the road and create a school curriculum for each of their children. 

Micah and Marah’s children love the idea and hope to travel to the beach after they explore Utah and visit the scenic sights that Utah has to offer. From there the Connors plan on traveling up the coast and go back east. The family hopes to do live this lifestyle for 3-5 years and is fortunate to have a great family support system. 

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