We all know cooking for Thanksgiving is a huge production that can leave your kitchen a mess! From turkey splatter and pie spill over in the oven, to spills on the counter that drip to the floor… cleanup is no easy feat.

Though, it can be with one tool! Julie Verrinder, owner of Sargent Steam, joined us with the Sargent Steam Cleaner to show us how it can get the job done.

The best part is how versatile the steamer is! With Thanksgiving coming up, it will not only come in handy in the kitchen, but bathrooms as well. Yours can be sparkling for dinner guests after using the Sargent Steam Cleaner.

Stop by 3241 East 3300 South in Salt Lake City to take advantage of the 20% off Black Friday special. Call 800-SGT-STEA(M), 801-326-8322, or visit SargentSteam.com for more details.

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