SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Hayley Atwood and Jenni Griffin, the founders of Smile at the People, recently launched a line of apparel with positive messages that embody the spirit of their grandma. Their grandma, who was known for her love of life and people, passed away unexpectedly in August. However, her legacy lives on through the “Smile at the People” phrase she would tell to everyone, even strangers.

The idea for the apparel started when Hayley had a friend make some simple sweatshirts with the phrase for Christmas gifts for her family. As more and more people saw the shirts and wanted to buy them for themselves and their kids, Hayley and Jenni decided to turn the idea into a nonprofit. The proceeds from the movement will go towards helping others smile by giving money to those in need, such as a mom struggling to pay off her kids’ school lunch account or a grandpa raising his grandkids and needing help with an electric bill.

The founders believe that the message of “Smile at the People” is universal and that spreading positivity and love is crucial in today’s world. They also want to keep their grandma’s impact alive by continuing to spread her joy.

From Tuesday 1/17 – Friday 1/20, use the code GTU10 for 10% off at Follow @smileatthepeoplellc on Instagram and @smileatthepeople on Facebook to stay updated on the movement.