Executive director Megan Johnson with The Emily Effect and Founder of Stiry Dan Davis stopped by to tell us all about The Emily Effect Film. The Emily Effect mission is to provide resources to families and support for women suffering from perinatal mood disorders. In an effort to end the stigma and end the shame, they are producing real and raw stories of mothers and families who have faced these issues.

They want to make sure every mom knows they don’t have to white knuckle their way through this experience, and that you are not alone! Most importantly, you can find healing through practical solutions. They’re kicking off this series of stories by launching a short documentary on Megan’s sister Emily.

In light of the five year anniversary of Emily passing and the beginning of the foundation in her name, they’re launching a short documentary on Emily’s struggle with maternal mental health. Even though it has been five years since Emily’s passing, her story will always be relevant. It will always have the power to help moms. Emily has impacted thousands of mom’s, and has actually saved lives.

The two say all of us are impacted in some way by perinatal mood disorders or maternal mental health. Some people we know about and many we don’t. They want to break that silence and help mom’s know that no matter how dark or desperate these experiences are, they can be normal and there is no shame in advocating for yourself. There is hope and healing.

Megan and Dan are in the process of collecting donations to kick this series off. You can go to theemilyeffect.org and donate at the top. The premiere of Emily’s film is this Wednesday. Be sure to watch the full film on theemilyeffect.org and follow @the_emily_effect and @stiry on instagram