MommaLeah, also known as Meleah Day Warner, joined the show. This year, growing strawberry bushes in her yard, she failed to grow any actual strawberries because she failed to trim off the runners. 

Strawberries are a perfect and fun summer plant, but there is a problem. Strawberry plants shoot off dozens of runners to create more strawberry plants. If all of their energy is going towards growing runners, they have no energy to produce fruit. 

Warner compares this to the human brain. When the brain is constantly chasing “runners,” or runaway ideas, a person will end up stressed, exhausted and questioning why we haven’t accomplished anything. So, in order to be productive, less stressed and filled with emotional energy we must actively choose where we invest our energy, cutting off things that don’t feed our energy and experience. 

In order to trim off the things that don’t feed our energy, Warner has a memory trick. “Skim, slim and trim the whims!” “Skim” represents actively skimming your thoughts, looking for runaway ideas. “Slim” means we decide what we need to cut off and what thoughts we need to keep and focus on. “Trim the whims” stands for keeping your busy brain in check! So, when your brain reaches for a runaway thought, say, “Thanks brain. Let’s trim that whim!” and focus on nourishing the topics you choose to give your energy to. Warner said to remember, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. 

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