How severe is the Utah drought?

Good Things Utah

Utah is a semi-arid state and its water future is one of the most significant challenges facing us today. The State of Utah and the Division recognize the vitality in finding sustainable solutions to ensure Utah families have reliable water, that agriculture and businesses can be successful and that the environment can prosper.

The majority of Utah is currently experiencing exceptional drought, the highest level of drought that the U.S. Drought Monitor uses in its classification system. The Utah Division of Water Resources states that the goal during extreme drought isn’t lush landscapes but rather survival watering to keep high-value plants alive like trees, shrubs, and flowers.

The U.S. Drought Monitor shows the state is in 100% drought, 90% extreme drought, and 64% exceptional drought, as of June 8.

For more information visit the Weekly Utah Drought Guide or go to Utah Division of Water Resources.

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