How Pizza Pie Cafe has safely changed the buffet experience

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Pizza Pie Cafe is known for their tasty buffet. All you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad. But what will the buffet experience be like now? How are restaurants changing to implement safety measures and follow all CDC guidelines? We paid the West Jordan Pizza Pie Cafe location a visit, and GM Jaiden Payne showed us how they’re doing just that.

The space is now set up for one-way-traffic only, and customers will follow the arrows laid out on the floor. While waiting in line, you’ll also see the signs on the floor of where to stand to keep socially distanced, as well as signs for the pizza area, pasta area, and salad area.

Rather than walking up to the buffet table and sharing from the same space, all food is behind glass at the counter. You’ll point out what it is you’d like, and employees serve it right up! The restaurant is only allowing half maximum capacity inside at this time. All employees are masked, and the experience feels easy, doable, and most importantly, safe.

Pizza Pie Cafe has a total of ten Utah locations, and is located in West Jordan at 3078 W 7800 S

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