How One Man is Sharing Everyone’s “Two Cents” with the World

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If you could share your “two cents” with the world and only use two words to do it, what would you share? This is the question Dallas Graham is asking strangers he meets on the streets of Salt Lake City. 
“Every stranger has a story. Every person you pass on the street has lived a life full of nuanced and personal experiences. Every stranger has wisdom to share. That’s why the Two Cents Photo Series exists,” Dallas said. 
His Two Cents Photo Series  is a daily, pedestrian, photo-collection of people he meets on the street and their response to his question.
In Dallas’ words, he explained how it happens, in 5 minutes:
  1. I encounter a stranger on the street.
  2. I ask them for their two cents in two words.
  3. The participant is handed a white board and a dry-eraser marker. They must share their two cents only using two words: no “&” or “-” can be included. Just two words. The words they use can stand alone or they can be coupled. (We also get to see their words in their handwriting!)
  4. I ask them to share the context behind their chosen words with me.
  5. I ask them to hold the board, over their chest, and I make the image.
  6. We shake (or hug!) and part ways. 
He explained that he keeps the imagery in black and white to help simplify the visual messaging and to make the collection instantly connected. His intention is to put a face to these powerful, two-word combinations and let everything else get out of the way.
“People have something to say. People want to share their wisdom. And most of us want to know what other people have figured out. Most of the time, we share our inner-most findings with people closest to us. In that way, the environment is very understood and safe. It’s different when you are asked to share inner-most things with a complete stranger. Something about that exchange is magical. Something about that exchange of ideas and intentions with someone you don’t know you’ll ever see again, helps connect humanity together,” Dallas said. 
To see the photo series for yourself, search #twocentsphotoseries and follow Dallas on Facebook and Instagram: @dallas_a_graham.

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